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Jewellery for your soul…

Part of our new Spring/Summer 2017 line we introduce…

Lockets 360 combines everything we love about interchangeable jewellery!

Incorporating natural stones and minerals alongside other new fillings you can customise your globes in a completely new way.

The emphasis is on natural and delicate – perfect for any occasion.

Available in two sizes and two colours (for now)

We have gone for petite delicate lines with this season’s new releases. We hope you enjoy these sneak peeks.

Not to leave out our best selling Lavish Lockets….we also have something very exciting being released for these which will follow in another post….

Fillings will include:

Natural Stones and minerals

Mini Pearls

Brilliant cut birthstones

Dandelion wish seeds

and many more.

We will also be introducing little pipette’s which you can also house our new fillings inside.

They also make wonderful birthstone pendants.

We cannot wait to show you the rest of the fillings – lookbook will be released before March!