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Seriously ANOTHER deadline...

We have all been there, you had a nice set to do list this morning and now it’s 12:15 and you’ve nothing ticked off and 20 more items have been added.

Imagine a nice pile of leaves, that was your to-do list this morning – now someone’s taken a leaf blower to it.


Let’s get a little science-y here, when you panic your heart rate speeds up, your cortisol levels rise and all your blood rushes to the places needed in an emergency. Fight or flight. Great if number 1 on your list is “Run half marathon” but not so great if you have a deadline to meet.


I mean a literal minute. You’ll be surprised what just a minutes fresh air or a minute concentrating on your breathing in a quiet place can do. Don’t have a quiet place? Always carry headphones in your bag!


What can wait until tomorrow? What is an absolute priority? What is essential but not right now?
Re-evaluate that initial list and break it down – bite size it! Tackle each bite sized point. You’ll be ticking off more, quicker which will improve mood and in turn improve efficiency.


Some people love change, some people hate it. Life throws you so many curveballs in and out of work, being adaptable will save you a lot of worry and anxiety (take it from someone who has severe anxiety). Sometimes we just have to go with the flow. If something is out of your control come up with various outcomes – this helps you try to stay one step ahead (seemingly ‘controlling’ the situation) and prepare for good/bad and every other outcome in between.


This is one I used to struggle with years ago. Deadlines looming, bosses on your back, everyone fighting to climb the corporate ladder faster than the next person it’s easy to get buried under that avalanche of work…STOP!
You are one of 7.5 BILLION people on this planet.
You are (hopefully) healthy.
You have a roof over your head.
You have people who love you dearly.
Will you care about this moment 10 years from now.
Sometimes it takes a little perspective to see the bigger picture. You are trying your best, don’t beat yourself up.


I live by the quote “Don’t adjust your goals, adjust the way you get there” – just because one thing doesn’t work out does not mean every thing will. Failure doesn’t mean giving up, it means, try another way. There is not ONE way to do everything so if something doesn’t work out. Stop, breathe, re-think and try again.


No I’m not talking about dancing into work singing the time warp (although that would be quite funny!) or ignoring life’s problems and bug-bears. I’m talking about approaching everything in a positive manner.
Maybe the better word is optimistic. If you’re in a negative mindset all as you will see is the negative. Where as are a positive or optimistic mindset will allow you to see both, giving you a clearer picture of the best way to move forward. Believe me I have been optimistic in the worst of situations and without it I wouldn’t be writing this now.


Is someone constantly telling you that you can’t do something? What do they know? If you can’t then does that mean you can’t learn? Absolutely not!
It’s true we find it harder to learn a new skill as we grow but the difference between learning that new skill and not, is want. Do you WANT to learn? If the answer is yes then there will be nothing that stops you. Self belief is a huge thing to have. It comes from within. Let me tell you. YOU are good enough, YOU can do it and YOU will!

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