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Do you offer a guarantee?

All items are covered by our 6-month guarantee – unique to Lavish.

If your product is found to be faulty or becomes defective due to manufacturing defects within 6 months of purchase, we will of course repair or replacement. All we ask is you notify us within 7 days and send a photograph of the damaged item, we may ask you to return it to us so we can inspect is ensure it doesn’t happen again.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is free for all UK orders over £35.00. Under this amount, the delivery fee is just £2.50. 

How will my order be packed?

All orders come beautifully wrapped as standard in our Lavish Locket boxes.  From interior packaging right through to the exterior. Charms come packed in mini display boxes. All other orders come packed inside a gift box as standard. Unless specified, your invoice detailing your order will be included, however, if you are sending it directly to the recipient, you can let us know not to include the invoice.

If you order a locket without a chain, your order will be packaged in our mini boxes.  Lockets with chains will be in our larger boxes.

We do take pride in our standard packaging and each order is packed with attention to detail.

How long is the wait for delivery?

We dispatch orders 5 days a week. Over 90% of orders arrive with you the next day but please allow 3-5 days.  If you need your order by a particular date please inform us BEFORE you place your order so we can accommodate your request.



Locket  frequently asked questions;


What are the Lockets and chains made out of?

Each locket and chain are made out of 316l surgical-grade stainless steel and glass. The rose gold and gold lockets are plated in pure 18-carat gold. ( unless otherwise stated in the individual listing) The plating method used is called ION plating, the very same that is used by designer watchmakers.

Are your lockets nickel free and safe?

Nickel is present in all steel (it makes it shiny) it’s the way the steel is made and the ‘grade’ which is important. Steel will not rust or tarnish. It is also incredibly strong – ideal for the complicated design of the lockets. Sterling silver is just too soft to last.

All our lockets are 316l stainless steel, the nickel does not leech out. It’s the way the metal is forged that ensures this.

Will your jewellery cause a reaction?

If wearing certain jewellery causes localized areas of skin to become itchy, red and/or swollen this can indicate an allergic reaction to the metals in jewellery. Nickel is the most common culprit; if a 9ct gold piercing, bracelet, necklace or ring is causing a reaction, it’s the nickel in the gold—not the gold itself—causing the problem. Women are more commonly affected by a nickel allergy than men. People rarely have a reaction to pure gold (24k), platinum or titanium. There is a risk of allergic reactions with sterling silver too. European Directive 94/27/EC was made UK Law in 2000 and specifies the upper limit for nickel release in articles which have direct and prolonged contact with the skin – such as Jewellery, fashion accessories, and metal adornments for apparel. It also specifies the upper limit for nickel content in specified articles.

The term hypoallergenic was made up in the 1950s as part of an advertising campaign and has since been adopted to indicate that the metal used has a diminished potential for causing an allergic reaction.

How big are the Lockets?

All sizes can be found on each individual item, however, please find some of our most common sizes below.  The large locket measures 30mm in diameter, 25mm for the medium and 20mm for the mini. Heart lockets measure 30mm at their widest point. They are approximately 4mm in depth. Interior measurements range from 10-24mm in diameter depending on the locket chosen and all are approximately 2.4mm in interior depth. 

How big are the charms?

Each charm is slightly different but on average they measure 4-13mm in diameter and height. So much detail goes into each charm, they really are a wonder to see.

How many charms can I fit in each locket?

Depending on the charms chosen an average of 7-10 in the larger Lockets,4-7 in the medium Lockets and 1-3 in the mini lockets. We would recommend 4-5in the heart lockets.

How do I open the locket?

Most of the lockets are opened at the side – similar to a pocket watch. There is an indentation at the side which will open the locket. When open you can load and unload your charms (or anything else you have in yours) and close again. Lockets close and stay closed with strong magnets so your charms are safe when worn.

We carry a small number of screw closure lockets which will be described in the listing and can be opened by gently unscrewing the front from the back. 

What size plates fit in which lockets?

Large plates for the large lockets, medium plates for the medium lockets, mini plates for the mini lockets and heart plates for the heart lockets.

How do I care for my steel jewellery?

The unique properties of the jewellery grade steel are that it does not rust or tarnish. Keep it looking shiny by polishing it with a lint-free cloth. If you get your locket wet, dry it properly on a cloth before re-adding the charms.