How Much Will I Earn?

You earn minimum 20% – 30% on EVERY sale you make,  you also have the option to build your own team which gives an added income potential.  No small print.  No hidden fee’s

Can I Sell The Items From My Initial Kit?

Of Course!  You get your kit as a hugely discounted rate so if you wanted to sell items from there you of course can and keep the profit for yourself.  This is why we include the boxes and pouches so you can attend events or sell to people you know if you wish.  If and when you wanted to top your kit up with more items you can use your personal link to order more off the site – this also goes towards your monthly order totals.

We do ask that you do not sell surplus stock on the consultants page, or to other consultants, prior to consulting with head office first.

How Is My Commission Worked Out?

You will get a percentage of EVERY sale you do.  There will no small print here!  You start on 20% and you will never earn less than that.

How Do My Customers Order?

However is best for you. A lot of people prefer to speak to their customers via email or social media message.  A few prefer phone consultations.  Customers will be able to order direct from the site after being referred by you using your unique URL/link.  Payment by Paypal and Card is accepted.  We then send this order direct to your customers.

When do I get paid?

You get paid your basic commission within 48 hours of an order being received if you have chosen to be paid via paypal. Bank payments are slightly longer and will be within 3 days.  If you have recruited any downline commission is calculated at the end of the calendar month and paid to you  at the end of the calender month + 7 days.

Do I have to hit my target to be paid?

NO! Absolutely not! You will receive your basic commission regardless. Your commission will never go down.

How do I increase my basic commission?  I don’t want to be trying to reach targets.

You can increase your basic commission just by selling.  When you join, you start as a Creative Consultant – Citrine Level.  Once you have reached £200 in paid commission you move up a level to Topaz – increasing your basic commission.  We have 6 levels of commission available that work on total amount of referrals (commission) you have had– you are not put back to zero every month.  Your referrals from previous months go towards your totals and as soon as you reach the next bracket you move up. It’s as simple and fair as that.

Can I recruit my own staff?

You can.  From day one you can start recruiting consultants to work under you.  This is a great opportunity for those of you who have fantastic leadership skills.

Do I get paid for recruiting people?

Of course.  You can get paid for recruits 3 levels below you.  You will receive a commission payment for all of their sales, regardless of the sale value. All you need to do to receive down line commission is be an active lavish consultant and and reach an achievable monthly target which is based on what your personal level is.

If I am recruited under someone do I lose out on some commission?

Absolutely NOT!  If you are recruited by someone you do not lose out on any commission.  Yours will be exactly the same as everyone else.

If I am recruited by someone can I still recruit myself?

Absolutely!  There is no cap on who can recruit! You would still earn the same % and have the same options open to you if you have come to join alone or if you have come to join from being referred.

Can I overtake my recruiter?

Yes you can.  If you sell more than your recruiter you can overtake them yes.  We do not put any caps on anyone anywhere! Everyone has the same opportunities and everyone is rewarded the same across the board.

How Do I Get Paid?

Paypal or Bank Transfer – whichever is easier for you. Paypal issue a 3.9% fee (plus 20p per payment) to send to your paypal account. Bank transfer is free.  We know some of you are wanting to keep your commission payments separate as you are saving them for a holiday or rainy day which is why paypal is so handy.  For example on a paypal fee.  Say we transferred £100 to you, that would cost you £4.10 in paypal fee’s.  Payments usually hit banks in instantly to 2 hours (definitely if you are with Barclays) but can take 24 for some banks.  Paypal is usually instant

Can I Move My Way Up?

As you work with us you can move from Creative Consultant right through to Executive Consultant.  We have a lot more planned than what we are opening with – this is just the start 🙂

We want to create as many opportunities for you all as possible – not just with Lavish!

Do I ever get moved down if I don’t hit targets?

100% No! Every level you hit you will have hit with hard work and determination, we are not a company that moves people down, ONLY UP!  If you reach a level where you earn more basic commission you stay there.

What is the difference between basic commission and Downline commission?

Paid to you within 48 hours of a salePaid at the end of the month + 7 days
Earned whether you sell £10 or £1000 in a monthSubject to hitting an achievable target for that calendar month, based on your personal level.