A Lavish Life

Back to school

Well it’s been one busy week here..

In the Lavish family household we’ve had our youngest daughter start primary school on Tuesday. She was super excited and went off flicking her hair as she went in although she was rather unhappy to be doing half days this week while they settle in. You can certainly tell she’s the youngest of 4 as she’s definitely got her confidence and not phased by it at all! By Friday she was even telling the teacher the the colour of my underwear. Definitely no secrets with little ones around!!

Hope all other little ones that were back at school or starting last Week had a great first week back, and all mummy’s and daddy’s get some routine back before (dare i say the C -word??)  the Christmas chaos begins.

What Lavish things we have planned..

In between three school runs a day and getting all your orders out I’m super excited we have just confirmed production of some NEW Lavish Lockets stock items. These will be for our personalised jewellery section, including some wonderful Engraved keepsake items…

For those of you that would like to check out what we have available now in our personalised section you can view  everything here > Personalisation

Cant wait to show you all the new products but will have to keep you in  suspense a little longer. Updates will follow soon on that front… I promise.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend xx